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Anno Domini design group exists since 1997. That is long ago …

We are clever, talented, and very modest. Our position in the market is deep hidden and it is not known in wide audience. This is a conscious decision. We  don't give advertizing, we do not participate in exhibitions, we do not enter into modular catalogs and various professional associations. Practically we do not submit work on festivals and competitions (though there were some pleasant exceptions). We don't look for new customers, we do not participate in free tenders, we do not make own presentations.


We just chose such model of existence. Probably because we really love  business which we do and we are engaged in it, first of all for ourselves: we  don't aspire to expand the staff and to gather a large number of work — to us it is pleasant to concentrate on every task, even small one and not to lose power that allows to create really beautiful ideas.

Probably it turns out good enough because clients trust us, don't leave us  and recommend us.

Our competences:

We create new brands and we restore to life old, we develop logos and  corporate styles, we create concepts, we are engaged in production of  advertizing materials, an outdoor and print advertizing, we write scenarios and  we shoot videos, we develop design of exhibition stands and interiors.

But we aren't idealists and we do not self-express in creativity, but we solve accurate marketing problems behind which we see not figures of the fees but responsibility. We understand very vell that behind each our work there is  someone's money, forces, hopes and at times considerable. We've learned to  respect another's efforts.

Contact Information
Contact us
17b, Mosfil'movskaya street, Moscow, Russia
+7 (495) 981−77−59
+7 (495) 981−77−52


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